BootanyPharmacy is created by Bethany Durrant, a qualified medical herbalist with a degree in Herbal Medicine Bsc (Hons) who is intrigued by skincare, beauty, health, nutrition and wellbeing using plant products and herbal remedies. This page explores inspiration for recipes, spiritual practice and health benefit

At BootanyPharmacy the highest aim is to help people acknowledge their beauty inside and out ‚̧

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Bethany has been very interested in herbs for 10 years since she developed acne vulgaris at the start of adolescence. She found this to be a very troubling experience physically and mentally. It quickly became apparent that these skin issues were not going to be resolved by treating the exterior condition alone, finding over-the-counter medications to be rather futile or short-lived in their efficacy.

Bethany felt a strong desire to stay away from orthodox medications, antibiotic treatment and steroids by taking knowledge into her own hands; in doing so exploring the natural healing world of herbs and their endless benefits. At first essential oils and aromatherapy became a big focus but in leading up to the choice of a university degree subject Bethany encountered upon ‘Herbal Medicine Bsc’ which was largely appealing because it was a seemingly apt combination of botany, biology, chemistry, pharmacology and nutrition, as well as exploring other areas in some detail such as philosophical and historical practice.

As a young herbalist, Bethany aims to spread knowledge about herbs to other young people, bringing to light how accessible they are to everyone and how close our relationship can be with them, interacting with our environment more closely is easier than seeking advice from our GP every 5 seconds and it also helps to prevent a large proportion of illness.

The most enlightening part of the herbal degree for Bethany has been acknowledging that the health of a large majority of conditions, especially skin-related are most efficaciously treated from within; whether this be from a psycho-spiritual perspective and/or nourishing and detoxifying core blockages throughout bodily systems. Herbal medicine, could be said to be nutrition at its most refined level.

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